Koronavirus Covid-19

What do you need to know about the coronavirus?

A virus is the simplest form of life without a cellular structure, a fragment of the genetic code.

Coronavirus is a time bomb!

Everyone has their own subjective opinion about the coronavirus that befell our planet at the end of last year and early this year.

Top 10 myths about coronavirus

The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus forces the media to put forward various myths about the "Chinese virus" every day in order to try to scare people as much as possible.

Coronavirus and hypertension - where is the connection?

Unfortunately the scale of the coronavirus infection has become worldwide.

Coronavirus is a biological weapon

Scientists have no doubts that what is happening in the world today is a real biological war.

Ways to protect a person from coronavirus

2020 marked its advent with the appearance of coronavirus (COVID-19), a dangerous provocateur of numerous human diseases.

Vitamins C and D from coronavirus

C and D - vitamins from coronavirus will help or not?

Coronavirus - Mask in the car

Why can't you hang a mask on the mirror in your car?