Ways to protect a person from coronavirus

2020 marked its advent with the appearance of coronavirus (COVID-19), a dangerous provocateur of numerous human diseases.

Penetrating through mucous surfaces: eyes, nose, mouth, the virus settles on the internal organs. The result of its effect is damage to the lung tissue, liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract. As the end result: pneumonia, a disorder of the digestive system, a violation of the coordinated work of all internal organs, the appearance of irreversible consequences, in severe cases, the death of the infected. Humanity immediately began to study a completely new and dangerous enemy. And made a reasonable conclusion: it is easier to prevent the disease than to get rid of it later. Therefore it has developed a number of recommendations, the implementation of which ensures human safety. Actions aimed at defending against an insidious enemy are very simple.

Methods of protection against coronavirus

  1. New toothbrush. A new toothbrush should be purchased, disinfected and kept separate from family members' toothbrushes. Oral mucosa is very susceptible to the virus and therefore it is worth using this simple technique to reduce the chance of spreading to family members.
  2. Lotions for the skin. A person's skin should be kept clean and it will be beneficial to wipe it with skin lotions. This simple action helps to get rid of the unwanted guest virus.
  3. Pay attention to the phone. A telephone has become an essential attribute of almost every person. It can be put on any coasters, benches, shelves, tables (you can list it for a long time). Therefore you should not spare disinfectants and it is worth wiping your life assistant as often as possible.
  4. Don't forget about electronics.  Mouse, tablets, keyboard, remote controls go through different hands many times. Hence: just a microfiber cloth moistened with water will erase up to 99% of the viruses that have settled on these devices.
  5. Distances in society. If people in the queues keep a distance of about 2 meters, then the chances of the virus moving from one person to another will be much less.
  6. Hand washing. As thoroughly and often as possible. According to research, even before the advent of the coronavirus, mankind knew that places such as handrails in public transport (metro, buses), door handles in public places (shops) are distinguished by the greatest accumulation of viruses.
  7. Washing. Wash napkins and towels more often during the fight against coronavirus. And this is understandable - people began to wash their hands at every opportunity and, therefore, wipe them.

Sun and fresh air. Noted: viruses do not like the sun and fresh air. Some perish, the second - disappear. Therefore it is worth taking care of the ventilation of the room and the admission of sunlight. For a more effective fight against an enemy, it is worth stocking up on the necessary protective equipment and making the following purchases.

Required purchases

These include funds available even with a modest budget:

  1. Protective masks. You can buy, but you can also sew.
  2. Ethyl alcohol 70% concentration, alcohol-containing gels.
  3. Napkins, paper for hands.
  4. Medical gloves for hands.
  5. Food supplies for all family members, including pets - our smaller brothers.
  6. Games and other activities that help you stay at home longer and be less in society.

That is, the ways, means and methods to prevent the spread of coronavirus are completely simple, but quite effective. Therefore, they are recommended for use in order to preserve the main wealth of a person - health.