Top 10 myths about coronavirus

The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus forces the media to put forward various myths about the "Chinese virus" every day in order to try to scare people as much as possible.

On the one hand bullying makes sense because the intimidated person will constantly take care of their own health, trying to take into account all kinds of prevention methods. And yet, on the other hand, myths lead to rapid chaos. People are starting to buy all kinds of staple foods in preparation for the coming epidemic.

In order to avoid panic, consider a few rumors that are not confirmed. In other words we will try to dispel popular myths that are directly related to the "Chinese virus".


There is an information on the Internet that men shaving their beards increase the likelihood of infection. This is a certain myth, it should not be believed. It is enough to take care of personal hygiene and the beard will not affect the infection.

Pets carry the virus

You can also read on different portals that our little pets can carry the coronavirus. However there is no official confirmation or evidence for this thesis. All we have to do is take care of our personal hygiene, wash our hands after walking and playing with our beloved pets.

Coronavirus is the most contagious in human history

This information is false. The SARS-COV-2 coronavirus is actually very contagious, but it does not have the same firepower as other viruses we know of, such as measles or rubella.

Garlic, onions and vitamin C protect us from infection

Such assumptions are false. Domestic "immunity boosters" do not guarantee that they will protect us from the coronavirus. Each organism reacts to this in its own way, therefore, first of all, you should take care of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin D and Quinine Consumption Prevents Infection

The Department of Health recommends that you do not take any medication we deem necessary. Only medicines prescribed by our doctor. Self-administration of medication is often fatal. Therefore many people reading various myths can break down, go to the pharmacy and buy unnecessary medicines.

Coronavirus transmitted through parcels from China

Such a statement is complete nonsense and should not be believed. The time it takes to deliver the package to its destination is enough for the virus to die.

Face shield helps fight coronavirus

A face mask will not protect us 100% from infection. If we are healthy, then we should not wear a mask at all. Instead they are intended for patients so as not to infect other people.

Spraying with vodka or chlorine protects against COVID-19 virus

Such advice is not true and has no effect. Such actions can lead at most to a dirty skin reaction. Alcohol alone does not protect against the virus, as it lowers the level of immunity. Only a high percentage of alcohol can help create disinfectants.

The virus is dangerous only for the elderly

This is another fake news. Infection cases are recorded in all age groups. However it is true that older people are at risk of developing it more severely because they have decreased immunity and often suffer from chronic diseases.

COVID-19 virus - a puzzle for scientists

This is a false statement because scientists already know seven types. Looking at the statistics, a new virus appears almost every decade, causing various respiratory diseases.