Coronavirus and hypertension - where is the connection?

Unfortunately the scale of the coronavirus infection has become worldwide.

This is certainly a tragic fact, but scientists are beginning to receive more and more information about the insidious pathogen of the Covid-19 coronavirus. In particular a link has been established between coronavirus and hypertension. Researchers have collected data on the diseases of people killed by the coronavirus.

Scientists from the PRC say that coronavirus and hypertension are very closely related. It was hypertension that was most often diagnosed in patients - 38% of infected citizens had such a medical diagnosis. Russian experts stressed that when a person is afraid of something, his pressure inevitably increases.

Who is not afraid of the coronavirus in our country? But you should not be very afraid - it is much better to take preventive measures, listen to authoritative experts in the field of epidemiology, medicine, virology. Cardiovascular disease also increases the risk of complications when infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus. Scientists also are not even worried about this, but something else.

It turned out that medications designed to stabilize and regulate blood pressure can in themselves cause complications in coronavirus infection. Experts put forward a full-fledged hypothesis: the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is introduced into our body with the help of a certain enzyme. And it is this enzyme that develops in us when we are treated with such drugs.

And who suffers from hypertension? That's right - mostly elderly people, although now the disease is progressing in relatively young circles of the population. But all the same our parents, grandfathers and grandmothers should be very careful, it is not for nothing that in the capital they were forbidden even to walk outside unless absolutely necessary. Those who visit their elderly relatives should take maximum precautions so as not to accidentally introduce an insidious infection into their father's house.