Diving in Montenegro

In order to have the right of dominion in picturesque bays and seashores, the Adriatic Sea fought the Greeks and Romans, Germans and Turks. But today the interest in these places is not getting less.

Representatives of various nations are still eager to come here, but only with peaceful intentions. After all the local region is a paradise for lovers of scuba diving.

Mysterious, incredibly beautiful caves, coral reefs, amazing inhabitants of the depths of the sea - diving in Montenegro does not tire of surprising even worldly-experienced scuba divers. It will be interesting to explore ships sunk in the past times - the remains of the Oreste, ships of the first and second world war, aircraft that crashed and found their last hour in the waters of this sea.

Diving in Montenegro will be interesting for history lovers. Here for them are the underwater ruins of ancient cities and ancient monasteries, where exploration work continues today and underwater excavations are carried out.

Such a rich world of the Adriatic Sea is the key to the ever-growing popularity of such active recreation as scuba diving. Diving centres operating in this area allow you to rent the necessary equipment, take training courses and gain experience in diving into the depths of the sea.

For those who wish to learn that diving is an active holiday begin to open new horizons. Montenegro has developed many diverse programs that take into account different degrees of preparedness, temporary opportunities, and diving goals. Montenegrin diving leads active recreation to a higher level, making it accessible to adults and children. Beginners are never left, unattended by instructors. More experienced scuba divers prefer the so-called dive safari to one-day one-time trips for several hours. These are multi-day programs for three to five people. The depth of the dive may be different. For beginners, the best would be five to six meters. Experienced divers descend to a depth of up to thirty meters.

Among the interesting offers - Cavern & Cave Diving - acquaintance with underwater caves and grottoes. Visit these places can be under the guidance of instructors. This program is selected by experienced divers.

Drift Diving - is a free-swimming along with the sea flow along the cliffs or coral reefs. With this journey, you most acutely feel your oneness with nature, the underwater world and its inhabitants.

The night dive is also unforgettable, which allows you to see pictures of the sea that are already familiar during daytime swimming underwater, which are completely different. This program is only suitable for experienced divers.

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