Rafting Montenegro - Conquering stormy waters

Captivating Montenegro attracts a lot of people: some admire magnificent landscapes, others are seduced by the opportunity to rest in the ecologically clean corner of the globe, third calls to curb the rebellious river, feeling a powerful release of adrenaline in the blood.

The art of conquering turbulent rivers is nothing else than rafting Montenegro, which everyone feels an irresistible desire to repeat at least once more, having once tasted. The impressions received from this are indescribable, and the country itself is a European Mecca for fans of this extreme hobby.

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Perhaps Tara is the main route for rafting on the river on kayaks, catamarans and rafts. Its canyon, the largest in Europe, is under the protection of UNESCO. It flows over a territory exceeding one hundred kilometres in length. In some places, the depth of the river reaches 1.3 km and in its delta, there are about fifty rapids. They promise an unforgettable rafting activity, which organizers of rafting are trying to make as comfortable as possible. They take tourists to the starting point of the route, supply them with wetsuits, clothes from modern material - neoprene - and life jackets, organize food and drive cars to the final destination of the rafting.

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Ideal for such a pastime season from June to September. The most dizzying and extreme rafting in Montenegro is in early spring when the snow melts, and in autumn, when it rains. To get into the group of people who wish to raft on a raft, it is enough to purchase the appropriate ticket. For experts-professionals plan an unusual route of increased complexity and it is better to contact the organizing companies ahead of time.

The beautiful Tara is not the only river that delights with high-speed rafting in its waters. For beginners, the most secure river in Europe, Moraca, offers its depths. Here you can safely comprehend the basics of the alloy or polish your skills. The difficulty of the route is 1-2 points. Only in some places, it is somewhat higher, and only in the area of ​​the monastery and village of Reditsa, which is the same name as the reservoir, constitutes a degree of 4-5 that is more acceptable for the pros.

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On the river, Lim is rarely found rafting. But in the area of ​​the town of Berane, true connoisseurs of this activity can, as they say, “take away the soul”. Here deep water pools and real rapids appear. Rafting is interesting in Montenegro and on the Piva River, the largest in the country. Not only adults can be engaged in it: the special attention is paid to the safety of children here, so everything passes "without a hitch."

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