Coronavirus - Mask in the car

Why can't you hang a mask on the mirror in your car?

During the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, mankind had to put on masks, which are still in use in many countries around the world. In principle going to the store wearing a mask is not so bad, just imagine how doctors go around in "spacesuits" for a whole shift. Are these not heroes of our time? But now we're talking about drivers who, after months of masking, got used to hanging protective equipment on their rear-view mirrors. But you can't even imagine what a threat this action poses in the future.

Stop, why can't you hang a mask on the mirror in the car? After 2 hours of use you need to throw it out if it's a disposable medical mask? Correctly noticed, but it became possible to buy medical masks in the right amount not from the very beginning of the pandemic, and their cost soared almost to heaven. People save on such accessories. Someone seriously does not believe in the virus, believing that it is "someone there needs it." Opinion is opinion, but it is necessary to wear a mask and it is better not to hang it on the mirror in the car.

People wear masks and then carefully fold them and put them away until next time, and they are disposable too. Drivers often hang masks on mirrors or else adapt them in a hanging position. They just do not suspect that by such actions they expose themselves to enormous potential danger. It's not even about the coronavirus and bacteria, although they also spread through the air. That is why you cannot hang a mask on a mirror in a car, and this is no longer medicine:

It blocks part of the view, and a person who has suddenly run out onto the road, a car, etc., may escape from your sight. 2. The mask dangles, flutters from the shaking and wind, distracting your attention.

All this is fraught with road accidents

Oh, we are getting used to Christmas trees and other "spillikins" on mirrors! Yes, the brain gets used to the fact that something is swinging in front of the eye, but you can not notice how a drunk pedestrian "sways" on the side of the roadway ... And why drunk, why only a pedestrian? A dangling mask, a herringbone, a dog - all this can lead to the fact that the driver ceases to notice the "movement" on the side of the road, and this is dangerously fatal. Consequently, not only is the mask dangerous on the mirror, but in general all the dangling toys that are better not to hang in the car are dangerous.


Bon voyage and good health!