Mastering XC Paragliding: Your Path to Advanced Flying

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial on Cross-Country (XC) Paragliding, a section dedicated to elevating your flying skills to new horizons. XC Paragliding is about exploring vast distances, harnessing thermals, and embracing the freedom of long-duration flights. This tutorial is designed for those who have moved beyond the basics and are ready to embark on more ambitious adventures in the sky. We cover crucial aspects such as advanced thermal techniques, navigation strategies, flight planning, and safety measures tailored for XC flights. Gear up to transcend boundaries and join the elite circle of XC paragliders, navigating the skies with confidence and skill.

Exploring XC Paragliding: The Art of Cross-Country Flight

Even a simple descent from a 50-meter training hill can stir a whirlpool of emotions in XC (cross-country) Paragliding. The initial challenge is the frequent climbs back up the hill. While winch-assisted takeoffs offer a solution, they come with their own set of costs and queues. However, once you experience dynamic flight – the ability to glide effortlessly for hours – you realize its allure.

XC Tutorial: Flows handling

So, let's start by explaining the basic ability of an XC pilot: handling flows. The difficulty is that the air is not visible. A paraglider can perceive it only “by touch” - by the way, his light wing throws from side to side. At the same time, a flight, especially a flight in a flow, is so unlike what happens to us in ordinary life that most people are unable to immediately find the optimal algorithm of actions. There are no analogies, all for the first time.

Search for the second and subsequent flows, flight tactics on the plain and in the mountains

So, you carefully read the advice from the previous chapter, learned everything, climbed into the sky and stuck into the lift zone.

XC Tutorial: Slope soaring

Often the pilot finds himself in the zone of thermodynamics, where he needs to start or continue the route.

XC Tutorial: Start time selection

Start tactics should be considered separately for the following three cases: a winch, a small mountain - thermodynamics, and large mountains.

Flight Safety during XC paragliding flights

If you think about it, XC Paragliding flights are a terribly dangerous thing.

Streams: what they are

Streams are very different, but some patterns are still present. Knowing these patterns allows you to better navigate while lifting.

Tactics of flight against the wind

The main problem when flying against the wind is that, in fact, flying does not take the largest share of time.