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Welcome to the "All Outdoor Activity in Montenegro" section of, where the spirit of adventure thrives amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro. Nestled between the high mountains and the deep blue sea, Montenegro offers a treasure trove of outdoor activities for every kind of adventurer.

From the exhilarating heights of paragliding to the serene trails of mountain hiking, Montenegro is a playground for those who seek both thrill and tranquility. Whether you're gliding over the stunning Bay of Kotor, exploring the rugged terrain of Durmitor National Park, or basking in the sun on the Adriatic coast, Montenegro’s diverse natural beauty provides a perfect backdrop for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.

Our section is dedicated to showcasing the best of what Montenegro has to offer in terms of outdoor adventures. You'll find detailed insights into various activities such as Paragliding, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and much more. Each activity is an invitation to connect with nature and experience the unique blend of cultural and natural wonders that Montenegro proudly presents.

So, gear up for an unforgettable journey through Montenegro's outdoor paradise. Embrace the adventure, immerse yourself in the natural beauty, and let be your guide to exploring the best outdoor activities in this stunning country.

Paragliding Montenegro - The incredible active holiday

Paragliding - The best outdoor activity in Montenegro

Montenegro, a country of breathtaking beauty and diverse landscapes, beckons travellers from all corners of the globe. With its unique blend of natural wonders, this fantastic destination offers endless opportunities for both relaxation and adventure. While some may prefer basking in the sun on sandy beaches or lounging near luxurious hotel pools, others seek the thrill of the skies through the exhilarating sport of Paragliding.

Canyoning Montenegro -


Canyon Nevidio, the last conquered in Europe

Nevidio Canyon is a place where many millions of years ago the mountains Durmitor and Voinik collided and which divided the Komarnica river.

Rafting Montenegro - Conquering stormy waters


Captivating Montenegro attracts a lot of people: some admire magnificent landscapes, others are seduced by the opportunity to rest in the ecologically clean corner of the globe, third calls to curb the rebellious river, feeling a powerful release of adrenaline in the blood.

Diving in Montenegro


In order to have the right of dominion in picturesque bays and seashores, the Adriatic Sea fought the Greeks and Romans, Germans and Turks. But today the interest in these places is not getting less.

Kitesurfing Montenegro - With the wind racing


Depending on the surface it is distinguished as snowkiting, it is preferable to practice it in the winter at the ski resorts of Durmitor, Žabljak.

Sailing Montenegro - On the waves to meet the horizon


Montenegro is famous for its great climate, picturesque coast with lovely cosy old towns on the hill, the enchanting turquoise surface of the Adriatic and unique conditions for practising yachting.

Mountainboarding Montenegro


What is mountainboarding?

Mountainboarding is a mixture of elements from skateboarding and snowboarding with elements of other extreme sports, such as BMX.

Ecotourism means travelling


Ecotourism means travelling, being responsible for the environment, and improving the local population's well-being.