17944786 Paragliding training in Montenegro

Paragliding training in Montenegro

Paragliding club in Montenegro provides paragliding training and invites everyone to realize their dreams!

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will master the initial skills of paragliding, as well as gain extensive knowledge and experience for further improvement.

In Montenegro there is everything necessary for the successful development of paragliding. And above all, it is a diverse mountain landscape and comfortable weather conditions throughout the entire long flying season.

Beginners pilots have at their disposal picturesque high-mountainous arrays with soft grass hills of varying height and steepness, which corresponds to the optimal conditions for practicing ground handling, comfortable and safe first independent flights.

After acquiring the skills of confident start and landing, the initial knowledge of wing control, for further development you will have access to other flying sites with their more complex conditions for starting, flying and landing.

Come to Montenegro for the rest with the whole family and learn to fly on a paraglider!

The initial course is designed to learn paragliding from the very beginning. The duration of the course is 7 flying days, during which, the beginner gets the initial theoretical knowledge of flight and the skills of controlling the paraglider.

Flight start

The standard of knowledge that you expect to achieve is the same for each school of pilots, but in fact the program and training methods may differ, as they are determined by the team of instructors, the type of starting method, the aerological specificity of the training place, the requirements of additional technical equipment, and the weather conditions different day.

Lear to fly on paraglider just in one day!

It's a chance to learn about paragliding everything and make your first independent flight!

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