Coronavirus is a biological weapon

Scientists have no doubts that what is happening in the world today is a real biological war.

For the first time the coronavirus was dubbed a biological weapon even before its active spread around the world.

This is evidenced by an article published in the authoritative scientific journal Nature in 2015.

The article describes an experiment to artificially create the latest virus. Virologists have tried to reproduce a hybrid of the SARS virus and the Chinese bat coronavirus.

Experiments and research were carried out in the state of North Carolina, USA. And they are dated in the article 2014. The essence of the experiment consisted in the attachment to the pneumonia virus of the fleecy membrane, consisting of protein. It is thanks to this membrane that the virus has the ability to easily penetrate into a living organism and attach to healthy cells, destroying them.

Later, in the same 2014, the US government refused to fund such experiments and imposed a moratorium on research in the field of virology.

But the work of scientists did not end there, but only a change in the location of the laboratory took place. According to official data it is known that the laboratory has successfully "moved" to China, the city of Wuhan. A very interesting coincidence, isn't it? 

As it became known later, work on the creation of a deadly virus continued in America. In early August 2019 the New York Times published an article about the closure of a military biological research center. All data on the work of the laboratory were strictly classified. But by the end of August a pneumonia epidemic suddenly broke out among the military of the aforementioned secret facility. With lightning speed, one after another, about five hundred servicemen fell ill. The United States authorities quickly "justified" the outbreak of the smoking disease, popular at that time, vapes. Due to the isolation of the military facility, the spread of the disease was avoided.

But already in December of the same year, China reported an outbreak of SARS and its rapid spread. 

World experts put forward a provocative version that the COVID19 coronavirus, as a biological weapon, was tested on the military in a secret American laboratory, and then released to the masses from a laboratory located in China.

Microbiologist Igor Nikulin, who is also an adviser to the UN Secretary General on biological weapons, said in an interview that the coronavirus is absolutely definitely of artificial origin. He studied all types of coronavirus, and there are more than forty of them. And he found that none of the four dozen contains the protein that makes up the envelope of the coronavirus COVID19.

The same theory was confirmed by Indian virologists who for the first time compared coronavirus with HIV. Four HIV inserts were found in the "crown". But not one maternal virus from animals has these inserts.

The theory of the artificial origin of the coronavirus COVID19, in addition to numerous supporters, has opponents. But be that as it may, no one has yet fully proved or refuted the contradictory facts!