Vitamins C and D from coronavirus

C and D - vitamins from coronavirus will help or not?

It has long been proven that vitamins are powerful support for our entire body. But what is there - a man simply cannot live without them. Doctors assure that taking vitamins during epidemics of acute respiratory viral infections is needed, but what can we say about such a terrible creature as the new coronavirus Covid-19, a cure for which has not yet been invented and doctors also do not have a vaccine in mass use.

But taking vitamins already at the beginning of suspicious symptoms will definitely help the body to deal with the nasty infection sooner.

Vitamin C and D supplements are inexpensive, but can quickly boost your immune system, giving your body the strength to defeat viruses. It is only important to answer two questions - how and when to take this or that vitamin. Endocrinologist Denis Kuznetsov explained how to get the most out of yourself by buying these two simplest (penny) remedies from pharmacies.

Vitamin C for coronavirus

It is required during the first stages of the disease. As soon as you feel the first signs of discomfort, increase the daily dose to 500-1000 mg and the condition should ease. But the specialist warns against excessive enthusiasm for the product of the pharmaceutical industry. Be aware that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and overdose can lead to significant health problems.

Vitamin D in coronavirus

It is better to use this substance while the state of health is normal. It is known that vitamin D is involved in many functions of the body, including supporting immunity. British nutritionist Georgie Murphy agrees with this. When there is little vitamin D in the body, a person starts to get sick more. In the spring the deficiency of the substance is felt especially acutely. As for the dosage, the doctor must determine it.

This is not a treatment for coronavirus infection, as well as any other ARVI. Vitamins C and D are just support. If you feel the symptoms of an impending illness, do not hesitate, but consult a doctor. Only professional doctors will show you the right way to recover from any ailment, including Covid-19.

Remember that this article is for informational purposes only, only a doctor will prescribe the exact treatment! Stay safe!