From the paragliding take off on Vrsuta in city of Bar you can see everything around, because it is one of the highest observation points on the Montenegrin coast.

Spectacular views open to your eyes, the picturesque mountain ranges covered with lush vegetation, rivers, valleys, Skadar Lake, the endless sea and coastal city. From here you can see the whole Barska Riviera, far to the south - the resort Utjeha drowning in an olive grove and the resort Dobra Voda with a central beach. At the foot of the southwest is our beloved city of Bar, west of the resort of Sutomore and Buljarica. 

The flight site forms a mountain range along the sea to the west, and to the east - a wide valley and a high mountain range. During the warm-up period strong thermal fluxes form in this place which contributes to the execution of route flights with return. Experienced pilots will be interested in trying their hand at this specific place with unfamiliar aerology.

Getting to the Paragliding take off place in Bar is not quite easy if there is no 4*4 car. Having reached the pass along the highway, then four kilometers on foot. Perhaps these circumstances will be of interest to lovers of paratracking who are happy to walk to the top without resorting to special vehicles.

The launch site is located directly on the top of the mountain, it is a stone platform, quite long and moderately shallow which contributes to a clear, confident start. The height above the sea is 1180 meters, the peak itself is clear of high vegetation with varying steepness of descent in a circle. The main direction of the launch is from south to west. Theoretically, entry is possible in all directions. 

Everything is simple in the Bar with landings, where there are many free places, parking lots, football fields and stadiums. Also, flying west, you can land in Sutomore on the beach.

Vrsuta launch place on the map