Paragliding in Montenegro begins here, in the area of ​​the Braichi mountain range, which rises above the city of Budva - the resort capital of Montenegro and the famous beaches of Bechichi, Rafailovici, St. Stephan.

Oriented to the southwest it is a great place for Paragliding in thermal currents, as well as a good place to combine Paragliding and a beach holiday with the whole family if you wish. 

Paragliding in Budva is very popular with pilots starting their first mountain flights in thermal, thermodynamic flows. In case of possible setbacks and premature landing, the well-accessible starting place in Braichi allows you to make several ascents to it per day. More experienced pilots will be interested to know this place, its unusual aerological features, fly above the ridge, make fascinating flights over significant distances.

The Paragliding take off is located at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level. The launch pad is flat, with a slope, covered with gravel, wide enough to accommodate three unfolded paragliders. The start length is about twenty-five meters, it favors a clear, confident start, if errors occur, there is an opportunity to stop on time.

Several on-site thermal streams pass through the start point, which helps entry-level pilots, without moving a considerable distance and without losing height, quickly find them and try to immediately start working in streams, flying higher and higher.

All airspace is clearly visible from the start, facilitating the work of the instructors in the control and correction in the air of novice pilots.

The landing site, right on the course to the sea - wide wasteland parking Becici or the beach itself. Between the end of June and August, the landing site is significantly limited due to the significant concentration of vacationers on the beach and cars in the parking lot, which may cause landing difficulties for less experienced pilots. 

You can fly in the area of ​​Budva almost all year round. Peaks of the best flying weather occur in the spring - from March to June and autumn - from the end of August to November. In good sunny weather the take off works in the south, south-west and west wind direction.

Braichi launch place on the map