Welcome to Montenegro's Premier Paragliding Experience

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Montenegro's leading Paragliding Service. We warmly welcome pilots, their families, and friends to experience the thrill and serenity of Paragliding in our beautiful country. Our club is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable Paragliding adventure, complete with comprehensive support tailored to your needs. From the moment you land in Montenegro, we've got you covered - from airport pickups, and comfortable accommodations, to personalized excursions and a full array of outdoor activities.

All-Inclusive Flight Support

We specialize in offering robust support for pilots of all skill levels. Our seasoned instructors are on hand to provide detailed insights into the unique flying conditions across Montenegro. Whether you want to refine your skills or embark on independent flights, our expert guidance ensures a safe and enriching experience. For pilots without personal gear, we offer high-quality equipment rental, available after a brief qualification review.

Seamless Transfers and Meet-and-Greet Services

Experience the ease and comfort of our meet-and-greet services at Montenegro’s airports, bus, and railway stations. Our efficient transport services ensure a smooth journey to your accommodation and take-off sites, along with reliable pick-up services post-flight.

Diverse Accommodation Choices

Montenegro’s array of accommodation options caters to every preference. From quaint seafront family hotels to upscale hotels boasting pools and spa facilities, find your perfect stay in one of Montenegro's picturesque locales.

Culinary Delights to Savor

Montenegro's rich gastronomic landscape awaits you. Our extensive selection of eateries serves a delightful array of local and international cuisines, sure to satisfy every palate.