Montenegro holidays - Incredible relaxation for you!

When planning to vacation in the Balkans, experts strongly recommend choosing a holiday in Montenegro. First, because it is a unique, environmentally friendly country that has recently become a rarity, Montenegro will especially appreciate nature lovers. There are as many as four national parks in the country! Biogradska Gora, Skadar Lake and two mountain ranges - Durmitor and Lovcen. In addition, you can tour the city of Kotor, which is under the special protection of UNESCO. Travelling along the southern fjord of Europe - Boka Kotor Bay will also seem attractive. A visit to the canyon of the Tara River will not leave anyone indifferent.
With all the vast number of attractions, the area of ​​this country is tiny. However, there is a natural beach paradise on its territory - as many as 100 km of golden sandy beaches and clear seawater. The most important thing this tiny country can boast is its excellent healing climate, which can relieve any allergic disease.
Montenegro is inhabited by a beautiful nation that hospitably welcomes all guests of the country. They are distinguished by sincere generosity and the ability to live without dependence on anyone - beautifully and dignified.
Resorts of Montenegro

Resorts of Montenegro

Tourists attend this country all year round. It is famous for its nature, hospitable population, various festivals, restaurants, quiet streets, and historic buildings.

Vacation and paragliding training

Elevate Your Vacation with Paragliding Training in Montenegro

Montenegro, with its serene beaches and rich historical tapestry, offers a unique vacation experience combining relaxation and adventure. From the ancient capital of Cetinje to the stunning Boka Kotor Bay and tranquil Skadar Lake, the country is a treasure trove of sights to explore.

May holidays for the whole family in Montenegro

May holidays for the whole family in Montenegro

May holidays in Montenegro are an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family, having gone on an extraordinary and informative journey, promising a lot of adventures and pleasant surprises.

How to choose a yacht for rent

How to choose a yacht for rent

Many people, tired of passive beach recreation and the same type of excursions, are resolved on an exotic journey.

Rafting on Tara River in Montenegro

Rafting on Tara River

Rafting on inflatable rafts on mountain rivers is a widespread variety of extreme rest. Montenegro offers tourists a lot of winding and unpredictable routes for rafting.

What to expect from the weather in Montenegro

The beauty and the extraordinary nature of Montenegro attract tourists from many countries of the world.