What to expect from the weather in Montenegro

What to expect from the weather in Montenegro

The beauty and the extraordinary nature of Montenegro attract tourists from many countries of the world.

Many historical sites, luxury beaches, scenic hills and bays, and majestic temples will leave many colourful impressions in my memory. Every time going back here once again, travellers will discover something new. And thanks to moderate climate weather in Montenegro, it will not disappoint anyone.

Current weather forecast for the Budva area

Planning a vacation, you should know that the climatic conditions in Montenegro are sometimes surprising with their diversity. For example, it will be warm on the coast, contrasting the temperature in the country's centre. The subtropical Mediterranean climate dominates climate and weather in Montenegro due to the proximity of the sea temperature, which moderates with a slight difference between the winter minimum and year maximum.

Winter in the coastal areas is short and soft; air temperature rarely falls below zero degrees. On the coast, as welCoaste snowfalls can be, the tops of the surrounding mountains are covered by the snow. You can admire the snowy mountains till March. Winter on the mainland is snow. Ski resorts in Zabljak, Kolašin, and Vucje attract many lovers of ski sports. Very often, due to abundant snowfall, Mountain areas of the country are hard to reach.

Summer on the coast of the Coasttic Sea is hot. Sometimes, the temperature comes to forty degrees. Peak's maximum temperature falls in July and August, with water warming to 26-28 degrees.

Travel and vacation in Montenegro are not limited from time to time year. Spring, summer, fall, winter always will please you by good weather!

If you avoid a neighbourhood with throngs of leisure, like a quiet rest, come to Montenegro at the beginning of the summer. Locals argue that at this time, there are not many tourists. September will gift quiet pleasure and hot seawater. In the summertime, people in Montenegro are actively pleased by the sun and heat under 40 degrees and trying to buy the lungs and free things in advance. Take care of the head attire and comfortable clothing for walks on the mountain paths from where you will see the stunning views.

Find yourself in Cetinje monastery, at the foot of the Orien Mountain, or in Herceg Novi. It became famous for its therapeutic mud. Everywhere, you will be provided with many unforgettable experiences, regardless of the small whims of the weather.

Be sure to visit the country's ancient capital, Cetinje. A beautiful city stretched in a magnificent valley near the mountain, Lovcen conceals a lot of interest in the labyrinths of streets for any connoisseur of antiquity. No wonder it is called the Museum of the Open Air.