May holidays for the whole family in Montenegro

May holidays for the whole family in Montenegro

May holidays in Montenegro are an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family, having gone on an extraordinary and informative journey, promising a lot of adventures and pleasant surprises.

An excellent alternative for Europeans to spend spring holidays is tours to Montenegro. This beautiful place is wonderful with the beauty of natural landscapes and various folk traditions.

Thanks to the visa-free entry, everyone can visit here, having collected many of the most exciting information and unforgettable impressions from the treasury of memoirs.

In May, Montenegro is ready to please its guests with temperatures of about 20-25 degrees on beaches up to +30; therefore, the active rest in Montenegro promises to be rich and exciting. The warm, summer and soft spring sun will allow all comers to open the swimming season safely because the water temperature in this period is approaching the mark of + 20-22 degrees, and the most transparent salt water will provide a good health effect for the whole organism. The lack of tourist crowds for the May holidays will be appreciated by lovers of calm and measured rest, which makes it possible to enjoy the silence and splendour of national parks and reserves Durmitor, Skadar Lake, Biograd Mountain and Prokletie. Being in this country, be sure to visit its cultural capital of Cetinje, rightfully enjoying the glory of the city-museum. Also, don't forget to take some adrenaline and try a paragliding flight above Montenegro. The Paragliding club in Montenegro will offer you the unforgettable possibility to fly like a bird and let your kid's dreams come true.

Beautiful streets of ancient cities are charming, and active walks in the air arouse an extraordinary appetite. The national cuisine of Montenegro is known for its rich and varied dishes, which are worth a try. The aromas of smoked ham, sausages, roast from the freshest mutton baked in a unique cauldron, and chops like all lovers of delicate meat dishes. A fried sticker, trout with prunes and baked carp "yaparke" will be appreciated by admirers of seafood. An excellent addition to the rich table will be the famous wines "Krstach" and "Vrants", and the beer "Nikshichko" will give cheerfulness and refresh travellers on a warm day.

By the end of April, travellers have an excellent opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the international tourist carnival in Budva, which is held here annually. For several days, they will get acquainted with an exciting program, the main event of which will be a big concert of well-known performers and folklore groups.

Come to Montenegro for the May holidays with the whole family, where everyone can rest for real.