How to choose a yacht for rent

How to choose a yacht for rent

Many people, tired of passive beach recreation and the same type of excursions, are resolved on an exotic journey.

Who is on the camper, and who is on the seas - on the yacht? Purchasing expensive sailing pleasure is not required; it is enough to take a boat for rent. You only need to know what parameters to choose the future "houseboat". This should be not only the price of the issue.

For example, suppose people travelling on a journey are sensitive and accustomed to comfort, for which heat and sound insulation are essential conditions of everyday life. In that case, the yacht should be prepared so that it does not freeze under three blankets at night and does not wake up from constant sea noise. And this is just an example: several such issues will need to be solved before the lease.

Options for choosing a yacht for rent

Whatever it is planned to choose a yacht, it must necessarily be inspected and take into account the following parameters:

  • how many rooms, beds and bathrooms are provided;
  • what is the height below the deck (if there are tall people in the team, they will be uncomfortable in low rooms);
  • What is the length and width of the yacht, and does it pass under the minimum requirements of European marinas?

Remember that a long yacht will go fast enough, so if you plan a high-speed journey during which you have time to do a lot, it is better to take a lengthy design. On the other hand, large-sized yachts are difficult to control, and manoeuvring in some harbours will only be experienced by the helmsman.

It will not hurt to walk, sit and even lie in the cabin to understand how comfortable it will be for a long time. And if finances permit, it's worth half a day to stay at sea and evaluate all the parameters personally - on how good the materials are for soundproofing, before the "boat" behaves on the high seas. At the same time, you can find out how many people from the future group of travellers will find seasick to stock up with the proper amount of medicines.