Paragliding wild beauty and great active recreation with the whole family!

Welcome to paragliding in Montenegro!

Our paragliding club invites you to Montenegro - the ancient pearl of the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Adriatic Sea. Where among the majestic mountains of those who are drowning in lush vegetation is hiding something that embodies the dreams of flight and great rest. In order to have a wild beauty paragliding and enjoy a sunny holiday by the sea.

summer paragliding camp buljarica bay


The main base of the summer paragliding camp is located not far from the tourist capital of Montenegro, Budva, near the town of Petrovac, in a magnificent picturesque place on the Adriatic coast called Buljarica Bay. This bay is impressive for its size and beauty. Here is one of the longest beaches in Montenegro, its length is more than 2.5 kilometres. The main feature of this place is that it is located at a relative distance from cities and tourist centres.  This is the only place in Budva Riviera where large-scale construction is not conducted, where there is no resort vanity and the landscape is in a pristinely wild state.

summer camp flight location

Flight location

The Suterman mountain range rises over the wide Buljarica bay. The rocky slopes of the massif are oriented to the south and, together with the wide coastal valley, form a unique landscape and microclimate conducive to the formation of mild thermal conditions that are best suited for paragliding entry-level training and progressive paragliding.

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For whom?

This is a place for those who begin to master paragliding in mountain conditions and want to get the maximum effect from the training of thermal paragliding, as well as those who have just decided to start paragliding.

summer paragliding camp flying

At the launch site

The take-off paragliding site is located at an altitude of 650 meters. Here, surrounded by mountain forests, a carpet of flowering herbs and birds singing, it is very easy, calm and comfortable. The impressive panorama of the landscape of the majestic mountains and the endless sea pacifies and makes it possible to reduce the psychological excitement and fully concentrate on the tasks of paragliding.

summer paragliding camp flying


The simple aerology of this place allows you to paraglide an entry-level with maximum safety. Mild thermal conditions contribute confidently to the rapid development of piloting techniques in thermal fluxes. Progressive pilots have the opportunity to expand the area of ​​flight for the initial routes.

summer paragliding camp landing sites

Landing sites

The wide valley of the bay Buljarica abounds in places to make landings. Grassy meadows provide beginners with a safe, soft landing in close proximity to the pickup site. For more experienced pilots, a place for landing directly on the campsite near the beach has been allocated.

Other places of flights and excursions

summer camp ohter location

The summer paragliding flight program of the camp involves trips to other places of interest for paragliding and excursions, such as Kotor bay, Herceg Novi, Bar city, Niksic, Zabljak, Bjelo polje, Plav. In these locations, pilots will be able to test their gained paragliding skills and learn more about Montenegro.

Instructor support

The instructors of the summer paragliding camp provide full support for beginners and advanced pilots with respect to all the necessary moments for making safe and comfortable paragliding. Visual control of the implementation of all stages of paragliding by pilots and the necessary correction of the pilot's actions through radio communication is provided.

Paragliding training

summer paragliding camp training

Instructors of the highest category conduct training for progressive pilots on the following programs: confident piloting, piloting in thermal flows, and making XC flights. As well as preparing to paraglide everyone from the very beginning.

Equipment rental

There is rental equipment for those who like to travel light. Gliders, harnesses and all that you may need to perform paragliding.

Holidays by the sea

summer paragliding camp flying

Summer paragliding camping is located in a beautiful location on the Adriatic coast. The long sand and pebble beach are ready to accommodate everyone to plunge into the world of beach holidays. The hot sun and azure waters of the Buljarica Bay are the main components of the summer pleasure of relaxing by the sea. Even at the peak of the beach season, this beach is quiet, calm and very comfortable. No rumble and bustle, like on city beaches, here you fully feel surrounded by nature.

The program also includes trips to other resort locations around the Montenegro coast.


Outdoor activity in Montenegro

Summer paragliding camp is a team of instructors, pilots and just tourists, as part of which it is exciting and fun to do a variety of outdoor activities and adventures. The program of active recreation includes the opportunity to make all the most exciting options for active recreation in Montenegro. In addition to the paragliding itself, it is diving, kiting, canyoning, rafting, kayaking, sailing, hiking and others.


Summer paragliding Camp is the most democratic event offering accommodation for every taste and need. The initial offer is accommodation in tents in the open air while preserving all the necessary things for minimum comfort: shower, tap with drinking water, toilet, electricity and the Internet. Arriving by car or trailer can equip a cosy corner with all the amenities in the shade of lush vegetation.

Further, accommodation options are offered to take into account any wishes ranging from a modest room with a bed, and apartments with a swimming pool to luxury villas for rapid companies.


During the entire stay of the Summer paragliding Camping program, all participants are provided with transport support from the airport meeting and back, delivery to the start, the selection at the landing sites, trips around the country and the implementation of an active program.

Kids friendly