Rest in Ulcinj Riviera

Rest in Ulcinj Riviera

If you rest, then do it in Montenegro. There are just three Riviera on the territory of this country.

And if you rest on the full, you must go to the Ulcinjska Riviera. Here, you can get complete rest for the same money you spend on the suspended ceilings of your home. Rest in Montenegro, with gentle sun, excellent sands, and health resorts. And now more about the Ulcinjska Riviera.

Under the blue sky

The most attractive part of this resort of Montenegro is the sun. It is tough to see the inclement weather because almost 250 days a year are sunny. And that explains why there are such beautiful beaches and many sanatoriums where you can take salt and mud baths.

montenegro riviera beach

The main advantages of the Ulcinj Riviera:

  • The purest waves of the Adriatic Sea, where you can safely swim and engage in active sports.
  • Basalt sand, although it has a greyish colour, is excellent for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This is explained by the fact that such sand contains considerable calcium, iodine and carbonates.
  • And on the beach of Ala-Boyana, you can soak up the sun and take salt baths.

By the way, in this region, two beaches are the most popular ones. One stretches for 14 kilometres and is called Great; the other is called the Small Beach and is seriously inferior in size but not in the level of comfort and popularity among tourists. And here is the most famous nudist beach in Europe. Suppose you would like to take some adrenaline. Contact the Paragliding Club in Montenegro and try a Paragliding flight above the unique landscape of Montenegro.

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City secrets

The city of Ulcinj is genuinely unique. Here is a massive part of the old city with preserved fortresses and old houses. Even in the Middle Ages, this part was occupied by the Arabs, which served as the basis for the unusual colour of the city. Walking here is exciting and pleasant, but there is always the opportunity to get lost in the narrow streets and go to the mosque or the Christian temple. In general, make the right choice if you choose what you need more - stretch ceilings in your home or a trip to Montenegro.