Resorts of Montenegro

Resorts of Montenegro

Tourists attend this country all year round. It is famous for its nature, hospitable population, various festivals, restaurants, quiet streets, and historic buildings.

Becici and Rafailovoci are colourful and cosy resorts, the second most popular in Montenegro. Tourist infrastructure is developed well, and you can find many well-equipped hotels with a significant service sphere here. There are no broad streets, loaded cars, or shops in Becici and Rafailovici. There are a lot of quiet, narrow streets with cute little houses. The construction of these areas creates peace of mind and pacification around them. Tourists tired of noisy urban highways will be satisfied by these resorts.

bechichi resort montenegro

Despite the small area, much fun can be found in the city. These are new water parks, restaurants, cafes, parks, excursions in the canyons, rivers Morača and Tara, a "fish picnic" festival, diving, rafting, waterskiing, basketball and more. Paragliding is especially popular here due to good weather and location conditions. So don't miss an opportunity to fly like a bird and feel complete freedom. Just contact any Paragliding club in Montenegro. Becici is also famous for its beaches. Let them only two, but they are well-equipped and well-maintained. Here, you will find all for leisure under the sun. One beach is sand; the other one is pebble.

petrovac resort

Petrovac City was called Lastva before. The resort appeared relatively recently in the XX century, but it has existed as a city since the third century. Therefore, there are a lot of old buildings with Rome mosaics. Petrovac is also a quiet and peaceful town. It is not a bright nightlife, peculiar to large cities. This small resort has olive groves and coniferous forests. But tourists come here to take a break in silence and dip in the sea's heat. The resort has two beaches - one consists of small red pebbles called the main beach, and the second is Lucice. Two islands are worth visiting - the Island of the Holy Week and the Island of Katic. You will find the ancient village with the Church in one of them. The fortress Castello, the Museum of the Roman Ceramics, the Venetian Fortress, and Monastery Hradiste can be seen in the vicinity of the resort. To try regional cuisine, you must visit various restaurants and cafes. The resort offers small accommodations, where you will be fed with breakfast and dinner. You can meet local merchants of exotic fruit, doughnuts, corn and other delicacies. Also, focus your attention on one great opportunity to gain extraordinary emotions. Try a Paragliding flight at the Paragliding Club of Montenegro. Contact them and reserve your flight above Petrovac.

herceg novi resort

The city of light is the resort Herceg Novi. Such a nickname for the town because of many solar days; there are more than 200. The resort is rich. That's why tourists come here to look at the Green Plants City: a variety of parks, beautiful flowers, and huge gardens. Moreover, the climate here is soft and moderate. Before the city, there was a fortress. Today, this is reminiscent of the ruins where old towers are situated. City has no it's own individual architecture, this is necause earlier Herceg Novi belonged to different countries - France, Turkey, Spain. Each of them made a track to the development of the city. Also, the resort is famous for its healing places. Many palm trees, magnolias, cypresses, and other relics of plants are here. There are no sandy beaches. You will have to relax and sunbathe sunbathe plates. But the city can offer boating, entertainment on discos and many bars. In February, there is a festival dedicated to the Mimosa flower.

budva montenegro night

Rest in the city; Budva will keep you in memory forever. Filled with colourful landscapes, romantic streets, and solar beaches, it will make your stay bright and saturated. Thanks to its unique location, many artists, writers and poets come here searching for inspiration. Budva thoroughly permeated romance. There are restaurants, cafes with different music representations, and theatre shows. You can buy souvenirs in stores that are everywhere. You will remember sunrise met dawn can on the rocky, pebble or sandy beach.