Real estate in Montenegro

Real estate in Montenegro

Real estate in Montenegro is the most suitable investment of funds and this is not a secret for experienced investors.

And in general buying real estate abroad is a profitable investment of funds especially today, when after a hurricane in the world crisis, real estate in many European countries has become quite cheap.

At acquisition the investor not only can comfortably have a rest in the country where he has got the real estate, but also, transferring habitation in trustful management to receive additional and considerably stable income. Therefore, the buyer always carefully studies the country, the place where he would like to buy real estate, given his preferences.

The decisive factors while choosing a property are:

- the climatic conditions of the place where the facility is located;

- the amount of non-recurring investments;

- simplicity and timing of the procedure for registration of real estate;

- the prospect of obtaining and the amount of additional income.

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Real estate in Montenegro is profitable

At present, demand for any type of real estate in Montenegro has started to grow. Why are many attracted to investing in real estate in Montenegro? There are several reasons for this:

Montenegro is a unique place on the Adriatic coast. The climate is mild. Almost always warm and sunny. The coastline of Montenegro is about 300 kilometers. The water temperature is seven months a year from +12 to +26 ° C, the water is surprisingly transparent, the transparency in some places is more than 35 meters. Sunny days in the year are more than 300, nature is diverse and beautiful. The holiday season lasts almost the whole year. available property prices.

Cost of real estate significantly wins in comparison with prices in Spain, Italy and other countries of Adriatic Coast. Government hospitably refers to those who is going to buy real estate. Procedure design is extremely simple and clear. Demand for properties in Montenegro grows, tourism is becoming more developing that gives a good prospects income from nested means. Purchasing real estate, owner of property gets temprorary residence permit. Without the restrictions real estate can buy both physical and legal entities. After registration of real estate in the property they become residents of the country. You can take purchased properties for rent or on the conditions of employment. Alien pays the same taxes on the structure, to the ground, as citizens of the country. Buying property, an individual is also the owner of the land on which the facility is located (House, Villa, cottage). Legal and individuals pay the same one-time duties and annual property taxes. This is also one of the nice features of Montenegro. For approximate estimates expected cost, you can use the following price per square meter in the market of property: - secondary accommodation - 1100 - 1200 euro / m2; - new buildings - 1500 - 2000 euro / m2.

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Local features for foreigners

Purchasing real estate in Montenegro, there are some constraints that are not burdensome. So individual can buy area not more than 50 acres (5000 m2). Land lots with the status of the Forest or farmland foreign Nationals are not sold. Land is acquired with the structure, which must be capital and recorded in the cadastral documents, rather than is under construction. For legal entities such restrictions is not valid. Registration of legal entity in Montenegro is easy. For legal entities is possible to get areas that have any status, an exception are only cross-border area.

Procedure and fee for making this deal

Sale deal usually made out in court. For two months lawyers, employees of the tax service and inventory check the purity of the transaction, determine market value of the object, prepare documents on the property, determine the value of tax that have to be paid to the state. Amount of one-time tax for the deal is 3% of the cost of the object. Tax is required to pay within 15 days. Registration fee for notarization in court documents on the property and entry entries for cadastral register is 0,01 - 0,025% of the cost of the object will be also paid by buyer. If purchased just built housing, one-time tax will be 17% of the cost of the object.

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Where to start?

Who want to buy any kind real estate in Montenegro is not necessary to make everything themselves. is your friends in Montenegro! We will provide all necessary services. Website firm,, places expired classified ads for property with characteristics and the value of objects, a list of services provided by specialists company.