Exclusive paragliding to Sveti Stefan

Elevate Your Adventure with a Paragliding Excursion to Sveti Stefan Island

Experience the iconic beauty of Montenegro from the sky. Book your paragliding tour today for an unforgettable journey over Sveti Stefan Island!

Nestled along the Budva Riviera, Sveti Stefan Island emerges as a jewel of Montenegro celebrated on postcards and in travel literature worldwide. This iconic islet, connected to the mainland by a natural isthmus, boasts a rich history, starting as a humble fishing village before transforming into a fortified sanctuary for heroic families in the 15th century. Today, it stands as a testament to luxury and historic preservation, with its medieval structures now serving as opulent accommodations under the stewardship of a prestigious Singaporean company.

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Explore the Heritage

Delve into the island's storied past with a visit to the nearby Villa Milocer, a monument to royal elegance and botanical wonder. Once a summer retreat for royalty, its grounds are now a sanctuary of exotic plants and serene landscapes. While the exclusive King's Bay remains a privilege for hotel guests, the Queen's Beach welcomes all, offering a stretch of reddish-pink pebbles and translucent waters acclaimed as one of Europe's finest.

paragliding4me montenegro sveti stefan air excursion

The Ultimate Airborne Adventure

Elevate your Montenegrin adventure with a tandem Paragliding flight over Sveti Stefan. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, soar above the Adriatic's shimmering pink beaches, the grandeur of the surrounding mountains, and the expansive azure sea. This bird's-eye tour offers an unparalleled perspective of the Budva Riviera, culminating in a gentle landing on the picturesque St. Stefan beach.

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This exclusive activity promises the thrill of flight and an unmatched opportunity to witness the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro in a single, sweeping gaze. It's ideal for thrill-seekers and nature lovers, offering a unique blend of adventure and scenic beauty.

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