Features of an accomplishment of a garden site in Montenegro

Features of an accomplishment of a garden site in Montenegro

Montenegro is famous for its magnificent natural resources: a clean, warm sea, beautiful mountains, rivers, forests, and meadows.

This attracts lovers of a quiet beach holiday and admirers of the extreme. After all, some enjoy the surrounding scenery sitting by the sea. In contrast, others make a fascinating diving dive or admire the beauty of the nature of this country from a height - flying on a paraglider with the Paragliding Club in Montenegro.

And to constantly rest in Montenegro, many seek to buy a house with a plot of land. But becoming the owner of such a property, he will undoubtedly want to recreate the fantastic landscapes of this country in his garden. This article will help to create a modern landscape design.

Are there any nuances in this process?

Subtleties of improvement of a garden site in Montenegro

Before embarking on the implementation of any ideas for the improvement of your garden site in Montenegro, you need to take into account

  • such features of this country:
  • stony soil;
  • hot and arid summer;
  • excess moisture in the winter.

Not all plants that can participate in garden gardening are adapted to such conditions. Therefore, to own a site in Montenegro and be pleased with its appearance throughout the year, you need to turn to specialists in landscape design. They will pick up those varieties of cultivated plants that will be adapted to the climate of this country.

The role of landscape design in the improvement of the site in Montenegro

Any garden arrangement (though in this country, at least in any other) begins with landscape design. This stage is no less important than the next because it affects the appearance of the site and its functionality.

Landscape design of the garden in Montenegro includes planimetric or geodetic surveying of its territory, inventorying of all buildings and plantings on it, determining its soil composition, and the direction of stormwater runoff. In addition, at this stage, the other wishes of the site owner are considered. So, all the elements of garden design that the owner wants to see on this territory are determined. Perhaps the owner wants to admire only a neat lawn with green spaces (trees, bushes, flowers in the form of original flower beds), reminding him of the picturesque meadows of Montenegro. Or he wants to recreate on his site an exclusive combination of comfort elements (gazebo, hammock, children's playground, outdoor pool, well, lighting lamps), various decorative groups (fountain, pond, lake, sculptures, paths, stone compositions), as well as small artistic details (for example, lighting).

It is worth noting that the modern landscape design of the garden is necessarily visualized in the form of a bright, three-dimensional model created with the help of one of the innovative specialized software. This method lets you demonstrate the minor details of his future site to the owner.

Other stages of improvement garden in Montenegro

  1. Territory preparation. Includes site cleansing from debris, weeds, soil levelling, and excavation.
  2. Landscaping. Includes planting lawn grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers. Given the climate of Montenegro, it is essential to choose suitable types of plants. At the same time, the timeliness of their disembarkation is paramount.
  3. Creation of reservoirs and various architectural forms. It consists of the construction of all the other elements displayed in the landscape project of this garden plot.
  4. Installation of lighting equipment. It is the final stage in the improvement of the garden in Montenegro.

In addition, it is essential to note that landscape design allows you to create unique landscapes, even on small land plots.