Amazing excursions

Do you want your vacation remembered with bright colours and new impressions? Welcome to Montenegro, a country with a gentle sea, clean sandy beaches and many attractions! The excursion program is rich enough to see every corner of the Montenegrin resorts.

Tickets for excursions can be purchased from local agencies or numerous tour operators. For many years, they have been working with European tourists and were able to learn a language in such a way as to explain the proposed program quickly and easily. It can be walking or river walks, as well as excursions by car.

Vrmats ridge tracking

You will not need special equipment to go on a walking tour of Montenegro. All paths are well-marked, and a child can walk along them. The main thing is to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and stock up on drinking water.

Driving along Vrmats will take place along the ridge around Tivat. Starting the journey from there, you can be on Dzhurdzhevoj brdo. This is a low hill with stunning views!

During the hike, you will see ancient roads and forts preserved since Astro-Hungarian times. The fantastic flora and fauna of the Montenegrin ranges do not cease to amaze with its beauty. Everything can be photographed. Cute turtles and lizards, as well as harmless snakes, are pretty common on the way of tourists. From here, Porto Montenegro and Tivat are well visible. On the route, you can make a short stop in the village of Gornia-Lastva or picnic in the dilapidated ancient church from about the 12th century.

Guides often adapt to tourists and pick them up anywhere on the coast. After that, you will be taken to where the trekking starts by car or bus. Travellers have to climb to a height of 500 m and conquer two peaks: Sveti Vid and Dzhrudzhevo Brdo.

Fans of delicious homemade cheese can buy it in the small village of Gornya Lastva. After that, on the way, tourists descend to Tivat and return by car to their hotels.

The tour lasts about 5 hours. For a group of up to four people, it will cost approximately 85-100 euros.

Gastronomic and wine tour on Montenegro village

This tour is on foot and by car. The Skadar Lake trip program includes boating and visits to two wineries owned by local families. If you arrive here from September to October, you can see how natural wine is made.

Montenegrins have always been famous for their friendship so that you will be seated at a table rich in all kinds of local dishes. These are olives, Negush cheese, and dried meat.

Once in the next village, you will visit a large vineyard, see how delicious wine is obtained, go down to the cool cellar and try the God drink. Tourists will be told how the wine production process proceeds and the extraordinary secrets of its preparation will be shared.

Each family winery stores and passes an exclusive recipe for making a wine drink from generation to generation. The history of its production in Montenegro has deep roots since, thanks to the Romans, grapes appeared here in the 2nd century.

In the second part of the trip - gastronomic, you can visit one of two beautiful places of your choice: meat or fish family restaurants. These establishments are already over 100 years old! Can you imagine that? This is evidenced by photographs on the walls with the image of diners of King Nikola and his guard.

Tourists will be offered traditional national dishes: satarash, lamb under sachet, kachamak, pickled nettle, grilled vegetables, and homemade bread.

After a short rest, travellers will return to Budva on the coast. The tour lasts from 7 to 10 hours and is held every day. For a group of 6 people or less, such a trip will cost 190 euros, and 11 people will pay 290 euros for this pleasure.

Lipska Cave and Montenegro tour

Tourists who have chosen this direction of the excursion need to stock up on comfortable shoes and warm clothes since the air temperature in the cave and on the coast is significantly different. In the bowels of the cave, it reaches a maximum of 8 ° C. A hat must be on the head and a camera in the hands.

The route passes through safe high-altitude roads, from where incredible views of Lake Skadar, the Tsrnoevich River and the Budva Riviera open.

Tourists make their first stop on Mount Braichi at an altitude of 850 m. The sea, the Budva Riviera and the island of St. Nicholas are visible from here. The further path lies in the direction of Cetinje - the ancient Montenegrin capital.

Near the city, you need to park and visit the Lipsky Cave. From this place, the destination can be reached by tourist fun train. Stopping at the entrance to the cave, you will see the majestic Kuchkina mountains.

Friendly guides will guide you through the cave and take you to the underworld. First, you will find yourself in a long tunnel in which there may be sharp gusts of calm wind. A marked decrease in temperature is felt. The maximum here can be 12 ° C.

Having walked along the main tunnel of the Lipsky cave for about 400 m, you will find yourself in a beautiful world. If you look closely at the shapes of the walls in the cave, you can feel the full power of the creation of nature itself. Darkness reigns in the Negush Hall, in which stalactites flicker mysteriously. In rainy weather, a waterfall fills the space underneath with water.

Excursions in the Lipsky cave suggest three route options:

 1. Acquaintance: tourists go deep into 400 m.The journey takes 45 minutes and includes a trip on a train.

 2. Adventure: involves deepening travelers by 900 m. It takes 100 minutes + a walk on the train and a visit to the underground lake.

 3. Expedition: guides lead the group to a depth of 2500 m. It will take almost 3 hours. During this time, you will have time to ride a train and visit the underground labyrinth and the lake. Tourists are given lanterns, helmets, raincoats and boots.

Further, the route runs to the ancient Montenegrin capital - Cetinje. Guides will tell you the story of this beautiful city and the many attractions pleasing to the eye. Among them, it is worth noting the palaces - Blue and Prince Nikola, the Vlaška church, notable for the fact that the fence around it was created from 2 thousand guns, the State Museum and many other historical and cultural monuments that will be able to interest tourists who came to Montenegro for the first time.

The Cetinsky Monastery keeps genuinely amazing things in its walls: a small fragment of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, the Hand of St. John the Baptist - his three fingers with which he baptized Jesus Christ, as well as the relics of the founder of the monastery - Peter Vetinsky. Here, you can purchase body crosses, sanctify them and leave notes on repose and health.

A long stop in Cetinje is nearing completion. Now tourists have a long way to go, 22 km long, to a beautiful place - the Stone Sea of ​​the Montenegrin Territory- and climb to the top of Lovcen Mountain to 1650 m. Here is the famous mausoleum of Peter II Petrovich Nyegos, who ruled Montenegro in the 19th century. The bus will be able to take travellers to an altitude of 1,500 m, and after that, it will be necessary to conquer the 461 steps leading to the mausoleum. In the tomb are two granite figures of Montenegrin women, a 28-ton figure made from apple-tree granite, and a casket made of marble, in which Peter II Petrovich Negosh rests.

The ceiling in the mausoleum is made of pure gold, which was donated to Montenegro by Italy. The weight of this precious structure is 18 kg. From the top of Lovcen, you can see almost the whole country. At the foot of the mountain is the small village of Negushi, the native place of the Petrovich family dynasty. Locals prepare the most delicious Montenegrin delicacies: Negush cheese, smoked pork ham and tender mead. During the tour, you can learn how to make shut. Its production is established in a house over two hundred years old, and the secret recipe for the product's manufacture is passed on from generation to generation.

You can buy souvenirs and dine in the village. Further tourists hold the path towards the sea. The road there is a serpentine which has 25 turns. The Montenegrins called it the "Cattaro Staircase" as the climb is very steep. The Austrians built the road leading to Kotor and the Bay of Kotor. The elevation here is about 1000 meters.

A group of tourists up to 7 people will pay from 24 to 215 euros for the tour. Despite such a rich program, the trip takes 4-4.5 hours.

Car excursion to Bosbia and Hercegovina

To go forward to adventure and new experiences, you must leave Montenegro early in the morning. Tourists are offered a unique walk in the city of Trebinje and a visit to its attractions: the famous cafe "16 Platanov", the Old Town, the monument to Jovan Ducic and the city market located on the square.

Tourists will be able to see the famous Tvrdos Monastery with wine cellars. The monks offer to taste a wine drink of Zhilavka and Vranats. But their special pride is the excellent cognac of its production.

In the small village of Markonichi, a visit to which is also included in the route, there is a house where Vasily Ostrozhsky was born and raised.

The next point of the excursion will be the Vetrenica Cave - one of the main attractions of Herzegovina. Its length reaches 7 km, but tourists plunge into the depths of only 400 m. The trail is well-lit. Of up to two hundred species of various creatures in the cave, 90 live exclusively underground. The most unique species is found here - the "human fish". Its weight is only 20 grams, and its length is 30 cm. Since the metabolic process is prolonged, this fish can live up to 100 years.

During the tour, tourists can visit the most beautiful city of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mostar. Two religions peacefully coexist in it: Muslim and Catholic. The visitor card to this place is the Stari Bridge, which smoothly bends to a height of 20 m above the Neretva. The idea of ​​creating the structure belongs to the architect Mimar Khayruddin.

There will be a stop in the village of Blagai, where travellers can visit the Dervish Monastery. On the Buna River, you can sail in a boat, swim in small caves, and enjoy stunning waterfalls.

The tour takes from 9 to 12 hours. A group of up to 6 people will spend 270 euros on a trip.

Sea walks

The tourism mecca of Montenegro, Budva, boasts 17 beaches with clean sand. If you visit this country, be sure to take a boat trip through the endless expanses of the sea. Walking along the coast and looking at the same places from the sea, you will see how many beautiful views you have not noticed before.

The fresh sea breeze, the feeling of freedom and the gentle sun will give you an incredible experience! From the boat the beaches of the Budva Riviera will be well visible, you can admire the islands of St. Nicholas and St. Stephen. You can get from Budva to Petrovac by sea, where the picturesque islands of Katic and Holy Week are located. On the last island is a church built by a fisherman who survived a shipwreck.

If you go the other way, the boat will sail past the famous Jaz beach and the Budva Riviera. The site will please the beaches of Ploce, Trsteno, and Mogren. You can visit the Blue Cave and the island of Mamula. The boat stops so that everyone can swim.

For a boat trip, a group of tourists up to 8 people will need to pay 55 euros. The journey takes 3-8 hours.