You can go to relax In Montenegro at any time of the year. In summer you will find sandy beaches and azure sea, and in winter snow capped mountains.

Recently, for several years there has been a sharp development of tourism in Montenegro. This happened after Montenegro gained independence from Serbia, and for a short period of time there were many tourist sites.

Firstly, tourists are attracted by the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in which there is exceptionally pure water. According to statistics in Montenegro, there are more than a hundred beaches, some of them are covered with sand, while others have stony areas. The swimming season begins in May and ends in October. Fans of walks on the picturesque streets and visitors of art galleries are recommended to visit the island of St. Stephen. This island has its own special charm and attraction for tourists, as it has preserved the character of the Middle Ages. They prefer to rest not only famous artists and singers, but also the royal families of Great Britain and the Netherlands. The Adriatic Sea is considered not very warm, because the water temperature is not higher than twenty-five degrees Celsius, but it is quite suitable for bathing. The hottest months are July and August. Precipitation in summer falls not too much than 30-50 mm. There are a lot of nudist beaches in the resort towns in the country. Near the city Ulcinj there is even a whole nudist village, called "Ada Bojana", where almost one hundred people live.

Active rest, extreme kinds of sports

In Montenegro you can do various kinds of recreation. For example, you can spend your vacation skiing on mountain tops on skis or snowboard, or visiting the sights of cities, or lying on the sandy beach of the azure sea. In this fascinating country, extreme tourism is developing rapidly. Many resorts have the opportunity to dive with the help of special diving centers. Here, the beginner is first trained and then immersed in water with an experienced instructor. Under water will open a wonderful view of sunken ships and quaint caves. Thanks to the exceptionally transparent Adriatic Sea, diving lessons will be auspicious. Widespread types of extreme tourism such as trekking, rock climbing, rafting and no less interesting and affordable entertainment at the resort - canyoning. In the northern part of this country are the Durmitor Mountains, which are the very center of mountain tourism in Montenegro. Here is the deepest and longest canyon of all Europe. This canyon is the Tara River. In some places, its height can reach 1.3 kilometers, and the entire length of more than a hundred kilometers. Tourists can walk along this place on foot, as well as rafting on kayaks or on rafts - large rubber boats along the river. A fascinating spectacle for vacationers is the occupation of speleology, trips to the caves of Durmitor, in which you can see the giant pillars of stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the cave roof. On the territory of Montenegro there is a large number of interesting caves, just as one of the most famous is the cave of Lipsk. This cave consists of individual arms, the length of which is more than 3.5 kilometers. And it is pretty full of stalactites and stalagmites. For fans of the sky and dreaming of free flight, a great opportunity to realize their aspirations will be paragliding flight with pilots of paragliding club in Montenegro. Which can be done near the resort capital of Montenegro in Budva and the resorts of Becici and Rafailovici, where the Braici mountain area is located, its height is about 760 meters. This place is ideal for flying on a paraglider. Free flight is a delightful activity with the receipt of unique sensations and impressions. In flight, you can see almost all the coast of the Budva Riviera with its many beaches. Don't miss this opportunity.

In Montenegro, ski resorts that are open from December to March are very popular. The most popular of them are considered to be Kolasin and Zabljak. Fans of snowboarding and downhill skiing should visit them. There are often competitions in alpine skiing, as the snow layer does not melt and allows you to skate long enough.

Historical places of interest

In order for travelers to feel all the subtlety of tourism in Montenegro, it is offered to get acquainted with all of its natural resources. Undoubtedly National parks "Lovchen", "Durmitor", "Biogradska Gora" and "Skadar Lake" are belong them. These parks occupy almost a third of the territory of the whole Montenegro. During hiking, you can get acquainted with the flora and ecosystem of the country. For example, when traveling on snow-capped mountain peaks, you can see ice lakes. This is one of the most amazing spectacles that fascinates and captures the sight, so to get unforgettable impressions of the camp and rest you should see it with your own eyes. One of the main historical sights of Montenegro is the city Budva. This city is the embodiment of medieval culture. It is filled with atmosphere and history thanks to the winding streets and sandstone houses, where previously trading people and sailors lived. There are cafes for dating, a lot of shops and travel companies.

Pros and cons of vacation in Montenegro.

The island of St. Stephen and its surroundings, perhaps, are one of the best places for a beach holiday. This place will be to the liking of romantics and admirers of the most beautiful landscapes. Of course, lovers of nightlife and entertainment here will be a bit boring. The most developed resorts of Montenegro are Budva and its suburbs. This place is recommended for active pastime and extreme rest. For fans of a quiet holiday with the family this place is contraindicated, especially at the peak of the season of tourists.