Embark on a New Era: NOVA CODEX EN-C 2-Liner Sets the Standard for Performance and Safety

Embark on a New Era: NOVA CODEX EN-C 2-Liner Sets the Standard for Performance and Safety

In a thrilling announcement, renowned paraglider manufacturer NOVA has revealed the upcoming release of its latest innovation, the CODEX EN-C 2-Liner. Set to hit the market in Winter 2023/24, this cross-country paraglider promises to deliver an extraordinary blend of performance and safety, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of paragliding technology.

NOVA Unveils Exciting New Paraglider: The CODEX EN-C 2-Liner

The CODEX is a two-liner paraglider designed for XC (cross-country) pilots seeking the perfect balance between high-performance capabilities and user-friendly handling. Building on the success of the XENON (EN/LTF D), NOVA has incorporated its cutting-edge design principles into the CODEX, resulting in a semi-light, well-balanced two-liner.

One of the standout features of the CODEX is its low aspect ratio of 6.1 (flat), providing pilots with easy access to impressive performance. With 65 cells and Nitinol rods enhancing structural integrity, this paraglider offers pilots a stable and reliable flying experience across various skill levels.

Technical Specifications

NOVA CODEX tech data

Target Audience

The CODEX is designed explicitly for XC pilots within the C class who crave exceptional performance without compromising safety. Tailored for pilots with experience flying high-end EN B wings, such as the MENTOR 7, the CODEX offers an uncomplicated and user-friendly experience. It serves as an ideal first wing for those transitioning to the dynamic design of a two-liner.

NOVA encourages the Paragliding community to stay tuned for the official release of the CODEX EN-C 2-Liner in Winter 2023/24. With its combination of innovation, performance, and safety, the CODEX is poised to make waves in the world of Paragliding, capturing the hearts of XC enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.