Apco Vista 3: Your Gateway to Advanced Flying

Apco Vista 3: Your Gateway to Advanced Flying

The Apco Vista 3 paraglider, an EN B wing, is designed for pilots stepping into advanced flying while emphasizing safety. It's hailed as a paraglider that is "easy and simple to fly with extremely high passive safety," continuing the legacy of the Vista series.

Apco Vista 3: A Blend of Performance and Safety

Innovative Design

The Vista 3 incorporates shark nose technology and bullet risers, contributing to its aerodynamic efficiency. This design enhances its flight capabilities and ensures stability across various conditions, making it a reliable choice for pilots looking to expand their skills.

Built for the Intermediate Pilot

Aimed explicitly at intermediate pilots, the Vista 3 is an ideal transition for those seeking to advance from beginner to more challenging flights. Its design ensures it remains "simple and easy to fly," offering good passive safety and solid stability.

Performance Features

With an aspect ratio of 5.4 and a claimed accelerated top speed of over 50km/h, the Vista 3 stands out for performance. These features allow pilots to enjoy a dynamic flying experience while maintaining control and confidence.

Durability for the Touring Adventurer

The Vista 3 also comes in a 'Touring' version, which features sheathed lines throughout for increased robustness, catering to pilots who indulge in touring and cross-country flying.


The Apco Vista 3 paraglider is a superb choice for intermediate pilots seeking a balance between advancing their flying skills and maintaining safety. Its innovative design and performance features represent a significant step forward in paragliding technology.

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