Additional Information for Your Paragliding Adventure

Outfitting for Flight

Prepare your attire thoughtfully for your flight, aligning with the day's air temperature. Remember, the altitude may introduce a temperature drop of 5-15 degrees, varying by season. Regardless of the weather, a crucial attire requirement is sturdy footwear with a firm sole to ensure safety and comfort during your flight.

Health Considerations

Paragliding is an inclusive activity, welcoming participants from children to adults without specialized physical training. However, being mindful of your health on the flight day is essential. We advise against the excessive consumption of alcohol both the day before and on the day of your flight. If you're susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend having motion sickness remedies ready and taking them before your flight to ensure a comfortable experience.

Capturing Your Flight

Documenting your flight is straightforward and encouraged. Feel free to bring any recording device to capture your experience from the unique vantage point of the skies. Comfortably seated in the harness, you can easily snap photos or record videos. If you don't have a camera, don't worry—we offer the use of our action cameras. Plus, share your experience on our page to receive a downloadable link to your flight video.

Day of Flight

On the scheduled day, after meeting your instructor, you'll be transported to the mountain's summit for takeoff. Before launching, you'll receive comprehensive instructions covering essential actions for takeoff, flight, and landing, ensuring a seamless experience. Embark on a breathtaking flight and embrace the spectacular views!

Please allocate additional time on your flight day, as adjustments may be necessary to accommodate changing weather conditions.

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