Breaking Limits: Toni Brügger's Historic 301 km Triangle on MENTOR 7 Light
Breaking Limits: Toni Brügger's Historic 301 km Triangle on MENTOR 7 Light

Breaking Limits: Toni Brügger's Historic 301 km Triangle on MENTOR 7 Light

On June 17, 2023, Team Pilot Toni Brügger soared to new heights, achieving a flat 301 km triangle with his NOVA MENTOR 7 Light. Departing from his home in Kandersteg, Switzerland, Toni navigated the skies for over 11 hours, setting turn points at Mont Blanc and Lake Lucerne, averaging an impressive 28.51 km/h. This extraordinary flight not only marks the longest triangle in paragliding history with an EN B glider but also stands as only the second EN B 300 km triangle. A colossal achievement deserving of congratulations.

The Journey Unfolds: A Day in the Air with Toni Brügger

The day commenced optimistically for Toni as he eyed a potential good flying day from the take-off site on Niesen, part of the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 route. Despite the cable car being fully booked, Toni embarked on his Paragliding adventure from his hometown, Kandersteg, offering him more usable time in the air.

As the day unfolded, Toni's journey showcased the versatility of the MENTOR 7 Light, proving its prowess with confident climbs and stable handling. The Mentor 7 Light's speed and stability came to the forefront, making full-bar flying an exhilarating experience.

Encountering picturesque locations like Adelboden, Col du Pillon, and Chamonix, Toni's flight reached its apex at Les Houches, a turn point west of Mont Blanc. The return leg proved equally thrilling, with Toni navigating through Lake Thun and the Emmental region.

However, the weather turned challenging as clouds increased, posing a suspenseful scenario for the evening flight. Turning around at Pilatus with a view of Lake Lucerne, Toni's flight instrument indicated a possible triangle of over 330 km, a testament to the MENTOR 7 Light's capabilities.

Yet, as the thermals weakened and clouds gathered, Toni faced the exhilarating challenge of making it back. Battling against the odds, he showcased the Mentor's ability to handle fine lifts and steady progress. Despite falling short of the original plan, Toni's glide into the unknown led to a memorable adventure, concluding with a relief-filled evaluation of a triumphant flight. It is a Paragliding journey filled with highs, challenges, and the thrill of pushing boundaries in the skies.