The initial course is designed to learn paragliding from the very beginning. The duration of the course is 7 flying days, during which, the beginner gets the initial theoretical knowledge of flight and the skills of controlling the paraglider.

In the course program: the fundamentals of aerodynamics, the construction of a paraglider, ground preparation, approach, controlled high-altitude flights.

Stages of training

Ground handling

The task is being fulfilled, during which the skills of starting, controlling the wing on the ground are accumulated. Classes are held on grass fields. The beginner learns to fill, lift the wing, run, control, brake and lay the wing on the ground.

Flying up

Classes take place on a high-mountainous plateau. Small flights up begin with gentle slopes, insignificant height in a rectilinear direction. As student successes, he rises higher for a longer flight, working out the appropriate exercises for control and approach.

Flights from high-altitude start

In the long flights, the technique of controlling paraglider, the calculation of the landing site, the construction of the glide path, the approach to landing, landing.

All stages of preparation take place in close relationship with the instructor. In flights, continuous eye contact and constant radio monitoring by the instructor are used.