17944786 Montenegro holidays - Incredible outdoor activity 4you!

Montenegro holidays - Incredible trevel 4you!

Summer paragliding camp in Montenegro

Wild beauty paragliding and great outdoor activities with the whole family!

Exclusive paragliding to Sveti Stefan

The fashionable island-hotel Sveti Stefan is the hallmark of Montenegro - it is often depicted on postcards and booklets.

Hawaii - Wild beauty Paragliding in Montenegro

Do you know where this place is?

Since it's time to dream about new sunny days!

Welcome to paragliding in Montenegro

Fly like a bird is many people's dream. However it is quite possible to experience the feeling of free flight. Paragliding is type of both sport and active recreation that may present such an amazing opportunity.

If you rest, then do it in Montenegro. There are just three Riviera on the territory of this country.

Montenegro is famous for its magnificent natural resources: a clean warm sea, beautiful mountains, rivers, forests, meadows.

You can go to relax In Montenegro at any time of the year. In summer you will find sandy beaches and azure sea, and in winter snow capped mountains.

This country is visited by tourists all year round. It is famous for its nature, hospitable population, various festivals, restaurants, paved silent streets, ancient buildings.

Real estate in Montenegro is the most suitable investment of funds and this is not a secret for experienced investors.

Tourists attend this country all year round. It is famous for its nature, hospitable population, a variety of festivals, restaurants, quiet streets, historic buildings.


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