A paraglider is not a luxury, but a vehicle!

Paraglider is an ultralight aircraft and the most affordable tool that allows you to realize your dreams of free flight, allowing you to feel extraordinary sensations while interacting with the air element.  All of us who began to engage in paragliding, day after day, realize our dreams and aspirations, gaining new skills and experience in a new way we pay attention to our life in the world around us.  Since new sensations awaken in everyone, from ancient times a dormant sense of flight, which further brings us closer to nature and gives a deeper understanding of life.  Each new day spent in paragliding anticipates imfills us with positive emotions, adds experience on the way to the required level of flight control.

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The design of the paraglider is designed in such a way as to maximize the safety of the process of take-off, flight and landing.  The aircraft takes off and takes us off the ground only if it is completely ready for flight.  In case of emergency, unforeseen situation in the air, the paraglider is equipped with a rescue system of smooth landing.

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Taking off this ultralight aircraft allows us to move in midair in accordance with our wishes.  It can fly as smoothly and leisurely, making it possible to enjoy a leisurely flight for a gradual perception of what is happening around.  And significantly accelerate and perform dizzying maneuvers making our whole gut tremble.